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It’s easy to take belts for granted, but many use them daily with jeans or trousers to complete their outfits as well as for functionality. As track belts have gained popularity in recent years, I will be examining some of the most popular models for my latest men’s fashion blog post and, once and for all, determining the winner.

Typically packaged at an extended length, track belts are designed to allow the user to trim the belt to their own size and attach the buckle once satisfied with the fit. This minimalist design is achieved by sliding the belt through the buckle mechanism, clicking into place without holes, thereby eliminating the need for holes. A second advantage is that belts can be replaced without having to buy new ones, and buckles can be changed to different colours.

Next, we will review each belt individually – starting with Kore, which started the trend for track belts.

Kore Essentials Intrepid Track Belt

The design and quality of these belts are amazing and adhere to the functions that make a belt an essential part of your accessory collection. It’s true what they say, “don’t fix it if it isn’t broken.”. I’m checking out the Kore Intrepid Leather Belt, one of their classics.

There is a high degree of quality to the construction of this belt, even down to the smell of the leather. A brushed finish is applied to the buckle, which is made from stainless steel (a feature that is often lacking in accessories for men). In addition to the stainless steel buckle reviewed here, Kore also offers classic alloy and titanium buckles.

There are a number of sizes that can be accommodated by the belt, ranging from 24 inches to 44 inches with a standard width, so it will fit essentially any belt loop you can think of (denim or trousers).

You can choose from 40+ sizing positions on the reverse side of the leather, ensuring that bespoke fit often lacking from traditional belts. This track also uses a larger measurement than its competitors, 10″ instead of 7″.

You can size the belt up by taking your waist measurement and adding +4 sizes up, then cutting off the excess with scissors where the notch marks are located. With a simple slide of the freshly trimmed leather into the buckle and a quick clip, the leather is ready to use! It’s time to wear your new belt! As a result of Kore’s own spring-mechanism, the quick-release handle is easy to use and allows an effortless release.

Belts with these types of buckles are great because they can be removed quickly and easily for swapping belts or to pass through security (invaluable for frequent travelers). A waterproof dust bag and sturdy brown box are included with the Kore Intrepid. Last but not least, Kore offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and a one-year warranty, which ensures peace of mind when ordering their belt. The belt is priced between $49.99 and $59.99, making it very competitive with the competition.

The track belt from Kore is a good entry; however, the belt is only available for men, so your girlfriend or wife will have to settle for something else.

NexBelt Track Belt Classic Series

 The Nexbelt Classic Series ratchet belt is rated not very highly for its packaging, which is primarily the problem. While it does work fine, it does not exude high end style. It arrives in a plastic box with an open lid. However, the most crucial factor is the overall quality of the belt.

 A vast majority of consumers looking for a good fitting belt can benefit from Nextbelt’s Precise Fit technology, fitting up to 45″. Despite its dress belt design, the belt has all the advantages of a track belt.

 It’s smooth leather, albeit standard instead of full-grain, and there’s a chrome metal buckle that looks shiny (which might be too bold at times).

 The leather should be trimmed down after measuring your waist, adding 2 inches. In terms of functionality, the belt works as you would expect, the reverse track is a striking red colour that I particularly like, however, the release handle is surprisingly fiddly.

 The belt from NextBelt is average in terms of overall quality, finish (loose threads had to be extracted from the leather), packaging and usability. In the round-up, it has one of the lowest RRP prices.

 SlideBelts Classic Black Belt

As a result of their dual-ratchet mechanism, slidebelts get things started. The buckle will unclasp if you apply pressure to the right-hand side and pull it away from the belt, rather than using a handle. As the buckle is stiff, clipping it into the strap requires a lot of force. Overall, I like the quality of the product, and the material is nice (although the company also offers genuine leather and canvas). When the sun catches the metal, the buckle gleams brightly in silver.

 There are many different buckles and leather colours available for Slidebelts’ range of belts.

 This is a quality product, delivered in a black box with spot UV effect logo on the lid closure. There is a plus point in this feature, as it fits waists up to 48″. My belt buckle had to be removed using a screwdriver, so exchanging for another variation is not so simple.

Mission Track Belts – Gun Metal

Only $34.95, which is a relative bargain, is the cheapest price point of the five belts in this roundup! Compared to the competitors, it would be optimistic. There is a synthetic coating on the leather, which is noticeable once touched. In direct light, the buckle’s face glows silver.

 A western-inspired pattern adorns the quick-release handle. The belt may slide out when worn because of this too loose handle. In this case, the buckle carries only a slight brand logo, in the bottom right corner. It is not overbearing, but its inclusion is worth noting if you are interested in something simple.

 The Mission belt offers higher production values than NextBelt but lags behind the other contenders in terms of finish, despite its low price.

Anson Belts – Complete Belt

Anson’s Complete Belt ticks a lot of boxes from the start with its white and purple card box and pull-out drawer. A belt loop and buckle are cut out inside.

 When selecting your belt from the brand’s website, you will have many options – colour, style, and buckle design. A solid buckle and thick leather make this product of relatively high quality.

 Despite its positives, however, it has some negatives, such as the cumbersome belt and accompanying parts that can affect daily usage and even how it sits on the user. If you want a ratchet-style belt, this is a good choice.

In conclusion

For this review round-up, I tested five Track belts. It was surprising to find that almost all of them had positive aspects, but a few, sadly, had some negative aspects. As the easiest-to-use belt of all, the Kore belt dodges any issues, owing to its excellent design and production values that make it perfect when wearing my favorite suit. My recommendation for a track belt is one from the Kore Essentials range if you are on the lookout for a new belt.

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