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There’s a fabric called Fresco that’s usually used for suits. This woolen fabric has a slightly open weave, making it ideal for warmer weather. The Fresco suit is lightweight and breathable, making it an excellent choice for warmer weather.

Just like any other suit, fresco suits are available in different styles and colors. The fabric of fresco suits, however, tends to be textured and has a more formal appearance than other wool suits. A slightly matte finish is also often present rather than a shiny finish.

If you want a lightweight, breathable suit that still maintains a classic and stylish look for warmer weather, a fresco suit can be a good choice.

Its Origin

In addition to being used for centuries in clothing and interior design, the origin of the fresco suit fabric is uncertain. A textile manufacturer in Biella, Italy named Vitale Barberis Canonico is generally credited with making the modern version of fresco fabric that is used in suits.

To create lightweight and breathable fabrics that were suitable for summer wear, Vitale Barberis Canonico experimented with different fiber blends in the early 20th century. This led to the manufacture of a fabric called fresco through a combination of wool and mohair woven in an open, textured weave that is derived from the traditional weaving techniques.

It was not long after the introduction of fresco fabric in Italy that it gained popularity throughout Europe and eventually took over the United States. A lot of high-end men’s clothing brands use Vitale Barberis Canonico’s fabrics for their fresco suits today, as they are still considered one of the leading manufacturers of fresco fabric in the world.

Listed below are a few types of it

Each type of fresco fabric has its own characteristics and properties when it comes to making suits. Fresco fabrics come in a variety of types:

Tropical Fresco

Considering its lightweight and breathable nature, tropical fresco is great for warmer climates. You can keep cool by getting air flowing around your body through the fabric's open design.

Four-Season Fresco

All-season frescos are heavier than tropical frescos, with fabrics that can withstand all four seasons. Cooler weather makes it a bit warmer, but it's still lightweight and breathable.

High-Twist Fresco

Frescos made of tightly twisted yarns have a crisp, dry hand feel, which gives them a high-twist appearance. Travelers who frequent the airport will also appreciate how wrinkle-resistant and durable it is.

Silk and Wool Fresco

It has a luxurious feel and a slight sheen because it contains wool and silk fibers. Formal events and dressy occasions are ideal for it.

Overall, fresco fabrics would be considered to be one of the most versatile fabrics around, making them perfect for suiting a variety of figures. The type of fresco fabric you choose for your suit is influenced by your own personal style and the occasion for which it will be worn.

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